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Get Social: Follow Ketoship on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

If you’ve been following our blog for a while, then you might already know that we’re currently on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. A few months ago we decided to get with the 21st century and do our part in striking up a conversation about the keto diet over on other channels than our own blog.

We did this for two reasons. The first was (naturally) to try to promote the Ketoship blog and web store, and help to entice new readers to our site.

But the second was to try to build better connections with and provide even more value to our readers – that’s you guys!

As it says in our bio, Ketoship is dedicated to informing and educating people about the benefits of ketogenic dieting. We do this by providing free tips, recipes and guides, along with an easy-to-navigate web store containing all the best must-have ingredients and supplies, so that you can put those recipes into practice!

But we don’t want our communication with our customers to be a one way street. There’s nothing we love more than hearing from our readers, as well as our customers. That’s why we’d LOVE for you to connect with us!

Join The Conversation

Have a suggestion for an article you’d like to see on the site? Then tweet us @ketoship on twitter! Found an interesting news piece about low carb or ketogenic dieting? Share it with us on Facebook!

Or maybe you’ve just created a keto MASTERPIECE in the kitchen and want to show it off? Then follow us on Instagram and tag us in it (@ketoshipblog)! We’re always regramming pictures of delicious keto recipes:


Whatever your input, we’d love to hear it. As we’ve been saying all along, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our website and our user-experience, so your opinion really does matter.

We’ve used our channels to give away free products, and to promote discounts and special offers. But the content we post isn’t all about Ketoship. We’re constantly updating our social channels with news, sharing interesting and informative articles  and also spouting a weekly (sometimes daily) dose of wise words and motivation.

Plus we share some pretty funny memes from time to time:


It’s so cute it’s almost enough to put you off eating bacon for good. Almost.

I’ve made my case, so feel free to connect with us and join the conversation!


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