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Cake Bars from ChocoRite

If you have a sweet-tooth then you’re in luck! Ketoship now stocks ChocoRite Cake Bars! Now you can satisfy your cake-cravings without feeling guilty.

As you might already know, we currently stock other ChocoRite products, such as Protein Shakes and a variety of other Protein Bars. But we’re excited to announce the following additions to the store:

ChocoRite Yellow Cake

ChocoRite Cinnamon Bun

ChocoRite Cookie Dough


Only premium ingredients are used in the recipe to create these bars, to deliver a clean whey protein taste without any junk sweeteners.

The new cake-style varieties have all the benefits of the other variants that we have on offer. are great for Low Carb Dieters and Diabetics looking to control blood sugar with great taste and satisfaction. You can substitute meals with these bars, or enjoy them as large snack large snack. They work with most reduced-calorie, reduced carbohydrate and reduced sugar diets including, you guessed it, keto!

We offer full boxes, or singles – so you can pick and choose until you find your perfect flavour! Check out the great selection of ChocoRite products to see what else we have on offer.


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