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Moon Cheese Has Landed!

As we’ve already said before – at Ketoship, we’re constantly trying to improve our site and our offerings to our customers. So we’re excited to announce that we now stock Moon Cheese snacks in the Ketoship web store!

We’re always listening to feedback and suggestions from our customers, not only about what sort of articles and advice you guys would like to read on the site, but also about what keto-friendly products you’d like to see.

Moon Cheese: The Cheese That Crunches

Moon Cheese snacks have proven themselves to be extremely popular with low-carb and ketogenic dieters, and it’s not surprising. Ready-made, pre-packed keto snacks of this sort are a low-carb dieters dream!

But perhaps the most interesting thing about these snacks is that they’re made entirely of cheese! Nothing else added, no hidden carbs and no need to refrigerate. They’re crunchy, like chips, because all the moisture is removed – while keeping 100% of the nutrients (and the flavour).

We have three different varieties available: Cheddar, Gouda and Pepper Jack

Happy snacking!

Moon cheese

Moon Cheese keto gouda keto moon cheese pepper jack

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