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Bulletproof Coffee and the Ketogenic Diet

bulletproof ketogenic coffee

If you’ve been following (and therefore doing plenty of research on) a ketogenic diet then you may have come across to term ‘Bulletproof Coffee’ during your internet travels. You may also have thought to yourself “what the heck is Bulletproof Coffee, anyway?”

You’re not alone. Bulletproof Coffee seems to be one of those phenomena that everyone has heard of, but nobody actually knows anything about.

Let me change that.

Explained very basically – Bulletproof Coffee is an energy-boosting beverage which combines coffee, grass-fed butter and medium-chain triglyceride oil (MCT). While this may appear to be a new fad among health-conscious people, the concept of Bulletproof Coffee (or simply consuming a beverage containing fats as an energy-booster) is actually rooted in tradition.

The Birth of Bulletproof Coffee

The term ‘Bulletproof Coffee’ was coined by Dave Asprey – an entrepreneur who discovered and then implemented the phenomenon of mixing fat with coffee after a trip to Tibet, where he drank a traditional brew of tea mixed with yak butter.

This prompted him to concoct his own version – on the premise of the combination of caffeine and saturated fats being an energising and satiating beverage to kick-start ones morning, as well as giving various other health benefits as well (the most prevalent of which are listed below).

Purported Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee

While research is still in its infancy regarding this supercharged phenomenon, Bulletproof Coffee is widely considered to have the following benefits:

  • It triggers weight loss by way of ketosis (yay!)
  • It kills cravings and helps you to feel fuller for longer
  • It increases cognitive function
  • It is an extremely efficient (and great tasting) way of taking in essential fats and calories, without any carbohydrates!

According to Dave Asprey (and thousands of individuals who have tried the concoction for themselves) this simple, energy-boosting beverage keeps you feeling energized throughout the morning, and staves off hunger pangs well into the afternoon.

bulletproof coffee beans

Bulletproof Coffee and the Ketogenic Diet

It’s no secret that foods which are high in saturated fats (such as butter) have become somewhat demonized over the years. But, thankfully, there seems to be some movement away from the collective misconception that fats are the ultimate enemy.

People appear to embracing fats once more – and that’s a good thing. When we take this into consideration, the phenomenon of Bulletproof Coffee doesn’t seem quite so outrageous – and actually lends itself quite well to a ketogenic lifestyle, particularly if we consider the following:

  • When you are following a ketogenic diet, fat is most definitely not your enemy. We turn to fats to keep us satiated, and to help us to burn fat-stores for fuel
  • Butter contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which has been proven to reduce body fat mass in overweight and obese humans
  • Coffee itself is a theromgenic – meaning that it increases your metabolic and promotes fat loss.

Its clear to see that the combination of butter and coffee has huge fat-burning potential.  When we consider this, coupled with the fact that Bulletproof Coffee helps to keep you satiated (so you’ll be less likely to snack on high-carb food between meals), its no wonder people following a ketogenic diet have taken to the drink so eagerly.

Make Your Own Bulletproof Coffee

There’s more to making bulletproof coffee than simply mixing a spoon full of butter into your morning cup. It is widely suggested that, in order to reap the benefits of this power-house of a beverage, particular attention should be paid to the ingredients you use. Not all coffees are created equal! Try the following recipe, and see if you find your energy levels beginning to rise, and your hunger starting to diminish:


  • 1 cup of organic coffee (you can buy the official Bulletproof Coffee, either ground or in whole bean format)
  • 1 tablespoon MCT oil or coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon of raw, organic honey
  • 1 teaspoon organic grass-fed unsalted butter (must be grass-fed, as this contains important vitamins that most non-grass-fed butters do not)
  • ¼ tsp vanilla extrace


Place all of your ingredients into a blender and whizz together until fully mixed. The coffee mixture should be smooth and frothy. Decant the coffee into your favourite mug and sprinkle with a little cinnamon, and enjoy!

Have you tried Bulletproof Coffee as part of a ketogenic diet? We’d love to hear about your experiences – so please share your thoughts in the comments section below.





    • Hi Amanda,

      Not really, certainly not in great quantity. One tablespoon of honey though, will only cost you 6g of carbs. It depends on your macros on whether this is allowable, but it can easily be taken out of the recipe and still taste great! I personally use certain substitutes like chicory root extract (oligofructose) for my bulletproof coffee to get some of the sweetness without cutting into my carb count for the day.


      • Carl Davis says

        Instead of honey I use 1 tsp. of organic black strap molasses. Umm, ummm good!


      • Ali J says

        How can this be Ketogenic with honey in it? Thank You! I appreciate your reply and information. Please explain to me what a macro is. I just started Ketogenic Diet and have a lot to learn. I have logged my food into Spark people but it doesn’t break down percentages anymore.


    • Hilda Hananti says

      Just had one cup this morning, my very first bulletproof coffee, and there’s no doubt, it’s yummy! 😊
      Thank you for sharing the article, it helps me a lot to understand the keto diet. Btw, i used suger substitute insread of honey, and i put a bit of whipping cream and a bit of himalayyan salt. Does it sound good or is it too much?

      Thank you 😊


    • Hi Roxy

      I see no reason why not! In fact, I think I may have seen an article on the Bulletproof Coffee website about the benefits of adding green tea to the mix. If you try it, please let us know how well it works 🙂


    • Patty says

      Hello there, I like it , but I am a little sensitive to caffeine , can I use decaf and stevia instead of raw honey ? Also, it is a little too buttery for me . Can I use less butter and get the same results? My sister introduce me to your blog and I’m so delighted to get started on the ketogenic diet . I have a very sweet tooth and this is a perfect concoction .. Thank you for sharing :-))


      • In response to Patty,
        You can defnitely use decaf and stevia instead of raw honey. I would actually recommend using a 0 carb sweetener instead of honey. The butter is in the coffee to satiate you, since it is the fat in butter that lets your body know it has sufficient energy so you won’t be as hungry. It really is up to you how much butter you want to use, but just know that butter is the main ingredient in why bulletproof coffee works!


      • daniela says

        new to this do i mix my coffee with water just like i would if i was making reg. coffee?


  1. Jess says

    I’ve been keto-ing for almost 4 months now and just started drinking BP coffee every weekday morning (I save my eggs and bacon breakfasts for the weekends …). I consider myself moderately active – I do 40 minutes of cardio every weekday morning 6am, followed by 2 cups of BP coffee, then work (where I eat a lunch around 1pm) – after work I go back to the gym (3 days per week MWF) to do strength training (weights). I drink a protein shake (with 1cup unsweetened almond milk and 20g protein (4g carbs) before/after my PM workout .. essentially hoping this protein will help maintain lean muscle and I guess I’ve always been used to having a protein shake before/after weight training. My question is this …. I found a BP coffee recipe that I’ve been using and it’s amazing – also helps me hit my protein macro for the day … what do you all think about putting protein in the BP coffee???? I feel like if I don’t, I will be eating too much protein for lunch/dinner…

    Recipe for BP coffee:

    2 cups coffee
    2 tbsp butter
    2 tbsp MCT oil (these 3 ingredients get blended first …)
    14g Whey Protein (MusclePharm Cookies and Cream yum!) ((10g protein))
    7.5g Hydrogenated Collagen (more protein…)
    Total: 532 calories, 50.6g fat, 17.5g protein, 2g carbs


    5am-6am: CARDIO
    6am-8am: 2 cups BP coffee
    1pm: Lunch
    4pm: Weight Training (short session, maybe 30 minutes) *20g protein shake either before or after…
    6pm-7pm: Dinner

    Stats: 28 years old, 5’7″,
    SW: 162 lbs., BF%: 26,
    CW: 136 lbs., BF%: 17, maintaining…
    Macros: P/C/F: 95g/<18g/satiety (usually 110-130g) about 1500-1600 cal


  2. Sadly, I think the taste is awful. I wish I didn’t. I tried with coconut oil & butter, just coconut oil, just butter, the just butter is tolerable. I a coffee purist…nothing but coffee. I have tried adding butter to “chicken” bullion and that’s actually good. The last thing I want to do in the morning is more work so I haven’t used (then washed) a blender. Would this make it taste better, even without the extras you add. I think I’d still add butter only.


    • Hey Anna,
      I make mine with just the coconut oil and I add 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract (no additional sweeteners) and find this improves the flavor a lot. I agree about the mess with the blender, my solution was to buy a $20 milk frother from BBB. Works great and it’s super easy to rinse off after each use. Hope this helps! Good luck:)


  3. Patty says

    Can I sip on the coffee? I have heard that you need to drink it as soon as you can in order for it to work?


    • Hi Patty,

      Of course you can! However for the coffee to satiate you, of course you would have to drink it. There’s nothing wrong with drinking it over the course of an hour though.


  4. New in the last month to Keto. Being a diabetic I’m hoping this diet will lower my blood sugars. I crave sweets so this looks like something I want to try. I always use butter but don’t have the organic. Will the same results occur using my regular butter?


  5. mg72 says

    This will probably sound crazy. But… here we go. I’m down to the last 15 to 20 pounds of weight that I want to lose. I use intermittent fasting and is something I’ve been doing for a number of years. IF has been a big part of my life. I only eat between 6pm and 8pm. I may change this to 6am to 8am. I’m 5’7″ and currently weigh 155 pounds. I would like to lose the last 10 to 20 pounds rather quickly. Would it be terribly wrong for me to drink my version of BPC and only that? Mind you- I do take vitamin supplements and a couple times a week, i’ll have some veggies at night.

    My version of Bulletproof Coffee (BPC)

    2 cups coffee
    2.5 Tablespoons Grass fed butter
    3 Tablespoons Coconut Oil
    3 servings of Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein

    970 calories
    73g Fat
    73g Protein
    3.0 Net carbs.

    Because of my height and my weight loss goals, the above is actually close to my macros. I will say the addition of the Whey makes this mix absolutely delicious.

    So- is this a bad thing? It is short term. Eventually, i want to lose this little bit of fat I have left and then make it so it isn’t so extreme.


    • I don’t think so at all, as long as you’re taking supplements. As long as your body fat percentage is still above 5% or so, I would think it is safe. You just want to make sure you maintain your body muscle. We’ve had articles about intermittent fasting and it works out great. I might consider that maybe you’re ingesting too much caffeine, but if you’re having one or two cups a day it won’t be that bad.


  6. mg72 says

    Thanks! I don’t feel quite so crazy anymore. Most people I know still buy into the low fat foods make you less fat and all of that hoopla. So- my routine and diet has been labeled many things and none of them all that nice. Thanks again!


  7. Elizabeth K says

    Hi ketosimon! So what about substituting heavy whipping cream for the butter?


  8. Candice Morgan says

    Love your blog! I use coconut oil instead of butter- prefer the taste. I also put grass fed protein powder sweetened with stevia in my bulletproof coffee. Lasts me easily 4 hours


  9. Jmore says

    Hi. I started the Keto diet &I did it for 10 days. I fell off &I had carbs for 2 days. Is it true that when u go back on I will gain before I loose weight?


  10. Annette says

    I love my BP Coffee. It is my workday breakfast. I have always drank my coffee black, so no sweetener works great for me. I add cinnamon before I blend it. Haven’t tried vanilla extract. I will be trying that tomorrow. Sometimes I add a tbs of fiber. Depending on how my veggie consumption has been.


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